Camping at Kinchigune
A unique semi-luxury experience in the midst of nature.

The semi-luxury campsite at Kinchigune takes camping into the 21st century. Gone are the days where you travel to the wilderness and are at the mercy of the elements. The camping experience at Kinchigune is full of all the modern necessities, and makes for a great location to base a group holiday with lots of fun and activities.

Set in the area surrounding the Kinchigune Eco Lodge, the campsite is well-equipped for family accommodation, and campers will have access to facilities such as flushable toilets and showers. Hot water will be provided on request in buckets. The tents are spacious and comfortable, and all “luxuries” – mattresses, pillows, linen, and towels – are provided.

Due to the effort needed to set-up the campsite, it will only be made available for groups of five or more guests, and has a capacity of up to 100. The Kinchigune Eco Lodge acts as the communal base for all meals and other activities.


Kinchigune village is a buzzing hot spot of adventure activity, and the area's unique geography provides a magnificent opportunity for anyone who is looking forward to adventure activities. Go canoeing in the Samanalawewa reservoir, climbing a precipice, trekking – on a soft or hard trail – in to the Horton Plains National Park, or participate in the fun team building activities which can be organised on request. It is all accessible from the Kinchigune campsite. Have fun on a guided tour of the area. Some of Sri Lanka's most scenic waterfalls are found in the area, and will leave you mesmerised at the natural beauty that this country is blessed with.

Get in touch with us today and book early, and bring your friends or family along, or come for a corporate outing. A great time awaits you at the campsite!


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