Eco Lodge at Kinchigune
Perfect for nature holidays for the whole family

The Kinchigune Eco Lodge, in the village of Kinchigune in the Belihuloya area is the perfect place to stay for your adventure holiday in Sri Lanka's hill country.

Although the original prehistoric village of Kinchigune was evacuated and flooded in order to create the Samanalawewa reservoir, a new area was designated as “Kinchigune”, where the inhabitants of the village were relocated. Due to its natural beauty and geographic formations, as well as the thick foliage and the impressive reservoir in the surrounding area, Kinchigune is now one of the best hot spots in the country for nature and adventure-based tourism.

The Eco Lodge provides the best vantage point to take full use of all the activities that are available in the area. Canoe in the Samanalawewa reservoir, go zip-lining, mountain climbing, or take part in any of the dozens of activities available.

The Lodge was once a village house, which has been modified to accommodate modern facilities, such as the tiled bathroom with a toilet, a washbasin, and hot and cold shower. The 100-year old building has been restored using traditional architectural methods such as “cadjan” (weaved coconut palm leaf) to cover the clay tiled roof. It has mud walls, mud spread floors, kithul poles in its windows and is furnished with antique traditional chairs and beds. Although accommodation is typically for up to five people, larger groups can also be accommodated at the Eco Lodge. Additional bedding can be arranged in the main living area.

Have fun with the whole family as you walk in the shady garden with its collection of trees and herbs, pluck a jack fruit and learn to cook it the traditional Sri Lankan way. It's a treat you can't have enough of.

The Eco Lodge is very popular, so book early to avoid disappointment!


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