Address: River Garden Nature and Activity Center, Belihul Oya, Sri Lanka.

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This last trip, as many of you will be aware, we took the boys camping; to give them a night in a completely different environment, to give everyone a break from routine and to try something new!

We took the boys to the River Garden Resort and Adventure camp in blissful, breezy Belihuloya, high up in the hills. The campsite was stunningly located above an enormous lake, the staff were amazing and the boys were the most wonderful, enthusiastic, happy company. They were thrilled to spend a night under canvas, tackled the 100ft zipwire with gusto and fearlessness and launched themselves into the 400ft deep lake with total faith that their life jackets would keep them afloat as they had been promised. Mallika was so proud, the 400ft lake had become 400km deep by the time she got to telling people about the trip!

We spent the evening around a campfire, munching on bbq chicken, singing and banging out rythmns on whatever the boys could get their hands on and as the temperature dropped to 20°, and Joe felt comfortable for the first time ever in Sri Lanka, the boys were wrapped up in whatever sweaters we could find and the little ones were carried, exhausted, to their tents.

So thank you, to the incredible team at the River Garden Resort – you were amazing – and to every person who got involved and made this trip possible!

Here, finally, are the photos.

img 4527

All aboard the fancy bus as the old school bus gets a break – and our chances of getting there are immediately increased!

img 4594

Group photo as our bus makes a quick stop en-route

img 4597

Welcome drinks are served on our arrival

img 8719

The boys are desperate to know what’s in store!

img 4605

First up, fuel for the afternoon’s activities…

img 8728

…before they launch themselves in to the river, they have been told they can ‘look at’…

img 4689

The audience awaits…..

img 0163

…and every boy conquers it, with breath-taking views!

img 0264

Next up, we launch oursleves into a 400ft – sorry, 400km – deep lake

img 4749

and rock the look…

img 4758

No exceptions.

…the boys enjoy a good night’s sleep and are up early the next morning for church in a nearby village.


But all good things must come to an end (for now…) and it’s time to hit the road. Until next time!

+94 (0)710 66 22 36

+94 (0) 45 22 80 223

+94 (0)710 66 22 36

River Garden Nature and Activity Center,
Belihul Oya,
Sri Lanka.


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