Cycling in Udaweriya - Belihuloya

PROGRAMME: Cycling Tour - Horton Plains, ‘Satan’s Steps’ Belihul Oya Sri Lanka
DURATION : 2 Nights/ 3Days
PERIOD: Valid til 30th April 2015

Tour Description

Sri Lanka is a beautiful island with numerous renowned attractions and beautiful scenery. But to get to its heart and truly understand its communities and Sri Lankan lifestyle, you need to go a bit deeper and visit some less-frequented locations for some rural magic.


We will first meet you at the Abewela entrance to the Horton Plains National Park. After a combination of cycling and walking in the park, you start the trek to Belihuloya via Udaweriya where you will navigate some exhilarating paths. This includes a very steep descent with multiple hairpin bends which is aptly named ‘Satan’s Steps’. Witness the magnificence of Sri Lanka’s tallest waterfall Bambarakanda and soak up the breathtaking scenery that surrounds these rural places.

On the second day you will spend a full day cycling through the traditional villages in Belihuloya. This is where the cycling tour really shines, granting you the ability to mingle and interact with the locals as well as get a closer look at their rural lifestyles.

This tour offers you the unique chance to cycle through some challenging terrain and get a taste of the raw beauty of rural Sri Lanka.


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