Kinchigune Cycling Tour

PROGRAMME: Kinchigune Cycling Tour Rivergarden Belihul Oya Sri Lanka
DURATION : 01 Night / 02 Days.
PERIOD : Valid till 30th April 2015


Highlights of the Tour
Day 01 - Arrival at Belihul Oya

Kinchigune Cycling Trail
River Garden Resort campsite in the evening

Day 02 - Canoeing at Samanala Wewa

Day 1

Day 1 - Arrival at Belihul Oya (FB)

Kinchigune Cycling Trailcy1

Once we start the trail from the River Garden Resort and peddle around 300m towards Colombo on the main road & turn left towards Seelogama Village, you could observe the uncomplicated way of village life whilst riding towards the Feldspar Quarry [a mineral mine for export] where the single track begins.

This strech mostly goes through paddy fields and The Worlds End mountain range is visible onto your left on the 3km long trail. Certain sections of the trail are on tarred roads but the majority of the ride is on gravel roads. Mostly down hill and flat but with a few ascends as well Graded as a Soft trail.
A steep downhill single trail ride of around 300m brings you to the Belihul Oya river . Riders may have to dismount at certain places, once you reach the river & depending on the water level, carry the cycles across. Another 300m ride on this strech, where you will sight the Samanalawewa reservoir for the first time, will lead you to an abandoned washed off tared road which in turn leads to the Kinchigune Eco Lodge. You might decide to ride / push / carry the bike on the aforementioned 300m depending on your experience and skill.cy4

From the 1 st sighting point of the reservoir , there will be a 400m ride along a rough washed-off narrow road ( This track could be submerged when the water levels in the reservoir rise and an alternate route will be provided in such a scenario ) and a further 300m ascend along a steep tarred road will bring you to the Eco Lodge.

Refreshments will be ready at the Eco Lodge and riders can catch their breath and enjoy the peaceful surrounds for a few minutes.
Start off again and ride uphill for around 1.5 Km's on a tarred road towards Pambahinna village, where you will come across a junction leading to a gravel road near a Bo Tree. [ Ficus religiosa] , proceed about 5km through the village to reach The Pambahinna Kumbalgama road. This particular junction is called "Olatenna" & a section of the trail will expose you to new developments taking place in a rural village due to modern influences.cy5

Turn right towards Kumbalgama and ride for around 2 Kms to the Ambalantenna junction on the Kosgama road , where the Riders will come across the most Picturesque stretch of the trail ! We turn left from this junction on to a gravel road [Kosgama road] and you will observe the lush green vegetation on either side. After a ride of around 1km there will be some sharp down hill "bends" to negotiate and riding another 700m will lead you to a small village with a few isolated houses & another 300m ahead will be our next stop off point for refreshments alongside a shady brook.
Continue the ride for about 2.3km ( ascending and descending ) up to the small Kosgama village school.There are very few children attending this school as facilities remain basic . If it is a school day we could pay a visit with the Principal's permission.

Another 2km of mostly uphill riding from this location leads you to the Kosgama river. Get ready for the longest steep climb of almost 4.5km uphill on a narrow tarred road to reach the A4 main road at the Marangahawela junction. During this section you will pass through a pine plantation and will sight beautiful mountain ranges onto your left.cyc6

The Riders can then descend the 11 kms back to River Garden resort enjoying the breathtaking sceneries around such as the Surathali Elle (Water Fall), where we will make a stop off, paddy fields and mountain ranges.

Distance 30km appro
Duration 5 hrs. approx


Arrive at Belihul Oya in the morning at 10AM .
Start cycling trail to Kinchigune.
Lunch at the Eco Lodge in Kinchigune during the cycling trail.
Arrive at River Garden Resort campsite in the evening for B.B.Q. Dinner and overnight stay


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