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Nature Wedding in the Hill-Country

Summary of the programme

  • Day 1 - Arrival to the airport and transfer to Belihuloya
  • Day 2 - Canoëing and Kinchigune Nature Trail
  • Day 3 - Romantic Wedding Ceremony by the Belihuloya River
  • Day 4 - Relaxing day in the beautiful mountain sceneries
  • Day 5 - Departure

Detailed Programme

Day 1 - Airport – Belihuloya (160 Km/ Approx. 3h30)


  • Meet and greet at the Bandaranaike International Airport and transfer to Belihuloya.
  • Dinner and overnight stay at River Garden Resort (HB).

Nestled amidst the beautiful hill country, Belihuloya is a picturesque little town located in Sabaragamuwa province, 616 metres above sea level. The beautiful hillside location is a climatically transitional area, linking both the dry and wet zones and the hill and low country and making it one of the richest bio-diversity spots in Sri Lanka. Perfectly in tune with nature, Belihuloya provides a gorgeous setting for all sorts of adventures from climbing to canoeing and trekking. Here, you can enjoy the scenic waterfalls, historic sites, and nature trails.  

Day 2 - Nature Activities in Belihuloya


  • Breakfast at the River Garden Resort.
  • Bride's party will go canoëing in Samanalawewa while Groom's group will do the 6 km nature trail from Belihuloya to Kinchigune.
  • Lunch at the Kinchigune Eco Lodge.
  • Time for relaxing and planning the wedding ceremony in the afternoon.
  • Dinner and overnight stay at River Garden Resort (FB).

You may have your friends coming with you or just two of you! Either way, we have lined up some exciting activities for you to select.

The 6 km nature trail begins at the River Garden Resort, and runs alongside the riverine forest of Belihuloya through paddy fields, across rivers and past local village houses with their extensive vegetable plots. Here, you will have an ideal opportunity to learn a bit about the local agricultural systems and simple way of life in the countryside. Along the way, you will witness several types of beautiful birds and butterflies, and charming little waterfalls.The trail ends where the River ends at the Samanalawewa Reservoir and climbs up from there, to the Kinchigune Eco Lodge. The whole journey takes from 02 to 04 hours, depending on how often you want to stop for rest and take pictures in these wonderful surroundings.


Surrounded by rugged mountain sceneries, the still calm waters of the Samanalawewa reservoir offer an idyllic location for canoëing. The reservoir’s name is derived from the Sinhalese word ‘samanala’ that means ‘butterfly’ and refers to the terrific number of butterflies of this area, and also to the shape of the reservoir. Whether you want to go for a relaxed little paddle for a couple of hours, venture out to the mouth of the Belihuloya River or spend an entire day exploring the perimeter of the reservoir, you are sure to have an unforgettable experience. A well-experienced guide will provide you with the right technics, safety instructions and modern life jacket.

Day 3 - Wedding Day in Belihuloya! - FB


  • Breakfast at the River Garden Resort.
  • Romantic wedding ceremony in a perfectly natural setting down by the Belihuloya river at noon.
  • Wedding lunch in the shade of the trees by the river, or at the restaurant in River Garden Resort.
  • Wedding party with dancing (optional band) and speeches.
  • Light evening supper and overnight stay at the River Garden Resort (FB). The married couple will have a decorated cottage.

Day 4 - Relaxing day in Belihuloya


  • Breakfast at the River Garden Resort.
  • Spend a relaxing day in the beautiful sceneries of Belihuloya.
  • Optional activities include cycling, trekking and canoëing.
  • Lunch at the River Garden Resort, or packed lunch depending on activities chosen.
  • Barbecue dinner at the Kinchigune Eco Lodge and overnight stay at the River Garden Resort.

Day 5 - Departure


  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Departure.


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