Points around Belihuloya Providing Picturesque Views of Sri Lanka’s Hill Country

Sri Lanka’s hill country provides some of the best nature and landscape photography opportunities anywhere in the world. Over the centuries, a few points have been discovered that provide unobstructed views of magnificent landscapes below. Get a bird’s-eye view of the lush green foliage of the forests, the agricultural land – paddy fields, rubber estates, and vegetable plantations – and residential and busy commercial areas in the distance.

Visitors to the Belihuloya region are in for a treat, as there are some locations that provide incredible views of the surrounding area, so get your cameras ready.


A few of these, which can all be visited in one trip, are:

Lipton’s Seat: The great tea pioneer Sir Thomas Lipton’s favourite observation point is now a landmark in the area. Located in the Poonagala hills, this was said to be the point where Sir Lipton surveyed his tea plantations in Dambatenna, near Haputale.

Lipton’s Seat is about a 32km (20mi) drive from Belihuloya, and one has to walk about 1km (0.6mi) through a tea plantation to get to it.

St. Catherine’s Seat: This viewing location gives access to some great views of the Bandarawela area and distant mountains.

There is a 32½km (20mi) drive, and a 1½km walk to this famous view point from Belihuloya.

Kelibedde Seat: This location gives some great views of the picturesque Haputale area, known for its mountains and high-quality tea.

Pilkington Point: This point offers a fabulous view of the Wellawaya and Moneragala areas in the Uva Province.

Pilkington Point is a 41km (25mi) drive from Belihuloya.

Haputale Gap: On the way from Belihuloya to Haputale – a short distance from Beragala – there are a few areas which provide incredible views of the south western region over the Mahawalathenna Valley.

The Haputale gap is less than 30km (18mi) from Belihuloya.


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