See some of Nature’s Finest Creations – Picturesque Waterfalls around Belihuloya

Sri Lanka’s hill country is a concoction of nature as beautiful as any in the world. The combination of mountainous terrain and many natural waterways makes the area around Belihuloya ideal to see waterfalls.

Some of the most picturesque waterfalls in the region include:

Bambarakanda Falls: At 240m (790ft), this is the highest waterfall in Sri Lanka, and is about 18km (11mi) from Belihuloya.

Brampton Falls: A cascading waterfall about 6m (20ft) in height. It is about 10km (6mi) from Belihuloya, and can be reached in about ½ hour.

Diyaluma Falls: The second-highest waterfall in Sri Lanka at 220m (720ft). It is 34km (21mi) from Belihuloya, about a 1½-hour drive.

Duvili Fall (Walawa Ganga Fall East): This 40m waterfall is in a hard-to-reach area, with a 2km walk through difficult terrain. It is about 45km (28mi) from Belihuloya and takes nearly 3 hours.

Galagama Falls: This 152m (500ft) waterfall is in a deep gorge in Belihuloya in a hard‑to‑reach area. Although it is only 5km away, it takes about 2 hours to get to the falls.

Pahanthuda Fall: This waterfall is about 5m (15ft) in height and is about 1½km (1 mile) from Belihuloya.

Papulagala Fall: This waterfall is about 30m (98ft) high and is about 5km (3mi) from Belihuloya, and can be seen from the A4 road.

Rawana Fall: This famous 9m (30ft) waterfall is close to the Ella-Wellawaya road and is about 6km from Ella. It is about 54km from Belihuloya and takes about 2 hours to reach.

Surathalie Fall: This is technically a water-slip rather than a waterfall. It is about 20m (65ft) in height, and about 8km (5mi) from Belihuloya.

Walawa Ganga Fall (West): This 30m waterfall has to be accessed through hard terrain, and is about 53km (33mi) from Belihuloya and takes approximately 6 hours.


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