A Chance to See Some of the Best Nature Reserves Sri Lanka Has To Offer

Belihuloya is the ideal location for wildlife tours as some of Sri Lanka's finest nature and wildlife reserves are easily accessible from it. Among the wilderness reserves in close proximity are Horton Plains National Park, Peak Wilderness Sanctuary, and Sinharaja Forest Reserve, each with its own unique mix of fauna and flora, but each having enough in common to say that it is a truly Sri Lankan wilderness experience.

In the backdrop of the River Garden Resort is the Horton Plains National Park, considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its significant biodiversity. This National Park is home to many of Sri Lanka's species of birds, and is home to a few species of native mammals, including sambur deer, fishing cat, toque macaque, langur, the Horton Plains slender loris (Endemic to the national park), the rusty spotted cat, the occasional leopard, and very rarely, Elephants. Guided hiking tours are available to the Horton Plains National Park from the River Garden Resort on request.


The Peak Wilderness Sanctuary is located in the wake of the iconic Adam's Peak – a mountain peak that has historical, archaeological, geological, natural, and religious significance. Many of the country's major rivers have tributaries which start within the sanctuary, and form picturesque waterfalls within the area. The closest approach to the sanctuary is located only 56km from the River Garden Resort.

Perhaps Sri Lanka's most treasured wilderness area is the Sinharaja Forest Reserve. With a biodiversity index higher than most places on earth, it is one of the most breathtaking experiences one can get. Take a guided nature trail through lush virgin rain forest and be in awe at the range of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects, and plants in their natural habitat. The Sinharaja Forest Reserve is approximately 120 km from the River Garden Resort.


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