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Travellanka - May - 2014
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People come to Sri Lanka bearing the idea that they are visiting a tropical paradise. Yet when you travel into the countryside from Colombo, after one hour and about 50 kilometers, you feel the air change. The mild weather of Sabaragamuwa province will cuddle and coddle you with her chill hands and miraculous mountainous vistas.

If you feel like having a balmy time, just looking beyond the mountain ranges adorned with mist, zipping a cup of Sri Lankan tea, or if you feel like tasting the adventures exploits through the mountains and waters lied across this heavenly land, there are two words you should remember: “River Garden”!

Even though the Horton plains, Belihuloya area is congested with few other adventure activities providing resorts, the River Garden Nature and adventure related activity center certainly hail among them as a hallmark of Eco tourism of Sri Lanka. In fact they operate under the punch line ‘Center for Eco, Nature, Adventure and Agro Tourism in Sri Lanka’!

As their description connotes, River garden is well prepared for bestowing you a comfy and facile rendervous in this chill part of the country. And they provide an ideal base for a wide range of nature and adventure related activities per se. To try anything from trekking across the Horton Plains as the Horton Plains mountain range is visible from the River Garden restaurant itself, to canoeing in the ‘Samanalawewa' reservoir, River Garden will be your ideal base camp; the place where all the adventure begins.

River Garden extols the setup where they located as a beautiful hillside location, a climatically transitional area, linking both the dry and wet zones and the hill and low country at an altitude of less than 1500m. As a result, the vegetation consists of moist semi-evergreen forests, tropical savanna forests, dry patana grasslands and montane temperate forests, making it one of the richest bio-diversity spots in Sri Lanka – a perfect location for nature lovers.

There are several types and locations of accommodation are available and you can choose from cottage style to classic camping style with River Garden.

The Individual cottages are situated in a beautiful shady garden area below the River Garden restaurant. Each cottage has an attached bathroom with toilet, Wash basin and hot and cold water shower. There is a winding path through the garden that links the cottages, restaurant, shady cabana-style seating areas and the Belihuloya River.

The exclusively introducing ‘Kinchigune Eco Lodge’ is located in the "Kinchigune" Village area of Belihuloya, with fabulous views of the surrounding mountains and the "Samanalawewa" reservoir. The place resembles a traditional and beautiful village popped out from a Sri Lankan folklore if you ask me.

For groups of more than 5 people, River Garden offers a camping experience in Kinchigune. They would set up a semi-luxury campsite overlooking the Samanalawewa reservoir in the grounds of the Eco Lodge itself, using the Lodge as a communal base for meal arrangements and other activities.

The Belihuloya camp; a semi-luxury campsite at River Garden provides an ideal opportunity to experience camping in style for adventure-goers! This is camping with a difference as they highlight; the tents are very spacious, clean and modern, and guests are guaranteed a good night's sleep on comfortable mattresses and listening to nature's very own orchestra! The camp has easy access to the restaurant, toilets, shower and freshwater ‘al fresco’ bathing in the river.

The activities you can experience in a River Garden stay will make your best outdoor life dream come true undoubtedly. From excursions to Wildlife safaris across Horton plains, from cycling adventures to High rope courses, from canoeing to trekking experiences or mountain hikes, the religion is conditioned for all kind of nature related adventure activities you can imagine. Even more the River Garden arranges itinerary programs such as Kinchigune cycling tour or Exploration in the Hills.

As the River garden located amidst the roads to Yala National Park, Udawalawe national park or Adam's Peak, you can easily choose your next destination after a River garden stay. Even the Sinharaja Rainforest and Horton Plains are bordering the region, which makes it easy to wander into the wilds, keeping River Garden as your base camp.

Furthermore River Garden has special offers in the store time to time, which benefits tourist groups who wants to plan a nature adventure tour. They have excellent restaurant serving Sri Lankan and International cuisine, a well-stocked bar, doctor on call, left luggage facilities, mini library, and extensive tourist information if mention the other facilities of River Garden.

The moist and mild heavenly climate, captivating sceneries and the picturesque alpine sights of Sabaragamuwa province altogether is an experience anybody should have at least once in a life time. And for fulfilling that dream, River Garden offers you a friendly hand and they will even arrange the dream for you!

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